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“I found Sara through my boyfriend who’s friend took lessons from her and sent her to his studio for a recording consultation. Long story short, I immediately fell in love with her! Her teaching and guidance is wonderful and so welcoming, she really creates a safe and comfortable space for you to explore your voice, slip and grow. She believes in her students and wants to help them in any way shape or form. In just 5 months, about 1 hour a week, my voice has evolved IMMENSELY! The freedom, the tone, the ease, and not to mention my LOW REGISTER has blossomed more than I ever could’ve imagined in such a short span of time. I have found my voice being able to last up to 2-3 hour gigs too! I am beyond pleased and blessed to have found her and look forward to every lesson. Sara Setzer ALL THE WAY!!” 

- Janae Dunn, original artist





"I have never had a vocal coach quite like Sara. She has each of her student's best interest at heart and truly wants to see progress in everyone. She is so highly educated and knows all types of voices, how to work with and improve them. She's taught me so much in the short time I've been working with her, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a voice coach!!

Brekyn Johnson, vocal performer for weddings, events, etc.

"I've been singing for as long as I can remember, it's always been a passion of mine. Last year I decided to take my singing to the next level. I started singing and performing in public and loved it! But, I soon realized my voice would begin to hurt and cut out after about an hour or so of performing. I begin to look for a voice instructor near me that could teach me the proper technique to strengthen and improve my voice. After visiting Sarah's website, and meeting with her one on one for my first consultation, I was extremely impressed by her musical knowledge and professionalism. She was extremely friendly and understanding and after only a few lessons I begin to see significant improvement. Not only did my sound quality improves but, I was able to perform for up to three hours with no pain. She help me to relax and connect with the music, and even helped me to prepare to Record some of my originals I wrote. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone interested in bettering their voice and taking their skills to the next level."

--Aaron Anderson

Directly copied from facebook post regarding Billy Davis, lead singer and guitarist of the Davis Highway Band: 

"Those of you that have been at one of our shows in the last year and a half have probably heard a big difference in Billy's voice. He got to where he couldn't hardly sing anything not even the songs he wrote. He has been so embarrassed about his voice. That is why we haven't posted any video of the band and that is why we haven't booked that many shows lately either. This is what happened. He had dental surgery where they pulled all four wisdom teeth in about two weeks and he had to sing with the pain. He changed how he was breathing because it hurt so much for the air to go across where they pulled the teeth. For some reason he forgot how he used to sing. So we decided to find a vocal coach. We looked around and found one in Gilbert her name is Sarah with East Valley Voice. She has been wonderful. She teaches a SLS (Speech Level Singing). My is coming back but its not 100% yet. I think I'm more 50-60% back. She says it took me about a year to loose it, so its going to take me about a year to get it back. We are playing this weekend and will try to post video showing his progress. He couldn't even sing Merle Haggard or George Strait anymore and now he can. He has his lows and some of his mid range voice back. His highs are still gone. He also used to be able to sing everyday and now he can hardly get thru two nights. We don't usually post things like this but if anyone out there is having trouble with their voice or just want a better singing voice contact Sarah Setzer she is awesome."

*Sara only had to do 4 or 5 1 hr lessons with him



"Before I met Sara I had worked with three different voice coaches trying to find a method that clicked with me. Not until Sara introduced me to the Speech Level Singing concept did I really understand how to use my voice correctly and effortlessly. It just makes sense! I can't believe how much I've grown as a singer and more confident performer since I began lessons with her. I'm now singing with a band and loving every second of it! Thank you for all your support Sara!"

—Adriana Olsen





“I was taught by Sara for a couple years and learned so much. She helped me grow vocally and become more comfortable performing in front of others. She teaches with care and truly wants to see her students succeed and she will put forth the time and effort it takes to make that happen. I have had the chance to perform at many events and festivals around Arizona and would not have been prepared if it was not for Sara. I recommend her to anyone seeking help vocally."

—Anna Collins, Hope for Children Competition Winner


Anna was also featured in the GoGilbert magazine, and opened for

country singer Hunter Hayes, known for his hit single, "Wanted."


"Thank you for being a wonderful voice teacher to Tatiana over the past couple of years. You have incredible patience for young children. I know Tati wasn't always the best student when she was 4 years old, but you never gave up on her and always told her how talented she was. Then you prepared her to audition for the National Anthen at Chase Field for the Diamondbacks and she made it at 6 years old! What an amazing accomplishment. I know you were as proud as we were! She's now performing in musical productions out here in MA and I know the solid base you helped her develop in her voice has helped her. THANK YOU AGAIN! "

—Holly McAlpine (Tatiana McAlpine's mother)



"Before working with East Valley Voice, I was working hard to break into the hip hop scene as a musician in the Los Angeles area which is very tough. I was getting booked shows but not the prime shows I wanted. This all changed once I started lessons with East Valley Voice. With every lesson I noticed myself singing better and I was understanding and changing the singing errors I was doing drastically wrong but unaware of the errors before my lessons. Within three months of lessons I was getting booked for not only prime shows in LA but the best time slots to all the big name hip hop artists. East Valley Voice is not only great at teaching you the techniques to improve your singing but Sara  is compassionate in accomplishing this and walks you through the process step by step. No matter where my music takes me I am a believer and a client FOR LIFE."

—Briana Brandy (

Copied directly from Brandy's website:

"Briana recently burst onto the music scene touring with artists like Juicy J, while performing with artists such as Soulja Boy, Ying Yang Twins, Too $hort, Jadakiss, Young Dro, and Kurupt."



"I began taking lessons from Sara after 2 years of teaching myself how to sing. I had no knowledge of vocal warm-ups, technique, pitch, my range,  or anything regarding singing when I began lessons, but soon I began learning all these in a way that made sense to me and got to put into practice with every lesson. In a short amount of time, my vocal abilities strengthened more than I thought they could and I was able to hear the difference in my voice while also learning to listen for mistakes while I sang. Sara let me choose my own songs, play with instruments, and develop my own style while still keeping me rooted in the fundamentals and basics of vocals. I never felt uncomfortable or stressed out at her lessons and she always helped me find shows to sing at and even still continues to help me find shows years after. She actually cares, you're not just a student of hers, and I think that's what I liked most about the lessons."

—Jesse French



"I took lessons from Sara for about two years. She improved my vocal capabilities by teaching me how to enunciate properly, how to sing with power, and keep my voice from sounding nasally. She's always willing to go out of her way to support her students in whatever way she can, and taking lessons with her feels like you're hanging out with a friend, while getting the pleasure of singing. Sara is incredibly knowledgable, and a great asset to the vocal community! I highly recommend taking lessons from her. The combination of her patience and her love for teaching put her ahead of any vocal instructor in the area!"

--Lauren Shaye





"My experience with east valley voice has been nothing short of exceptional. As a singer who has had NO formal training, Sara has taken my voice to a whole new level. Not only I am seeing the effects of her coaching, but the members of my band have commented on my ease of hitting notes and the overall sound of my voice since working with her.  I believe in Sara and her teachings, and would highly recommended her to anyone seeking to being their vocal game to the next level. " 

—Tawn Williams

Owner of The Curl Counselor




"I have known Sara Setzer for most of my life and I’ve always known her to be a hard worker in everything that she does. I am a music enthusiast and have been playing guitar for 13 years now, so I have a keen ear for music and in my opinion Sara is the best vocal coach around. The summer and winter music recitals that Sara puts together are top notch and always a blast to attend. I have played guitar for Sara’s students during these recitals on three separate occasions and I’m always amazed at the progress that her students make year to year. Her recitals are professional from top to bottom and I think they really help her students grow as artists. I would recommend Sara Setzer to anyone thinking about expanding their talents as a singer, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or veteran there is always more to learn and no one better to learn it from than Sara Setzer."

—Josh Forner

"Sara is a fantastic teacher and a lot of fun to work with. She is very knowledgeable about multiple styles of singing including speech level used by most contemporary pop artists. I think she gives really helpful feedback whether you are experienced or just starting out like myself."

—Chip Carter




Aaron Anderson, "Over the Rainbow, Let it Be, I'm Yours"

Voice Lessons Singing Vocal Gilbert Arizona Queen Creek Mesa Chandler Tempe Scottsdale Ahwatukee Phoenix

Adriana Olsen "Oh my Gosh"

Voice Lessons Singing Vocal Gilbert Arizona Queen Creek Mesa Chandler Tempe Scottsdale Ahwatukee Phoenix

Anna Collins "Tell Me"

Anna Collins, winner of the Hope for Children's Competition, with Brooke White, American Idol contestant, who was a judge for this competition.

Voice Lessons Singing Vocal Gilbert Arizona Queen Creek Mesa Chandler Tempe Scottsdale Ahwatukee Phoenix

Tatiana McAlpine National Anthen, Chase Field

Briana Brandy "The End"

Voice Lessons Singing Vocal Gilbert Arizona Queen Creek Mesa Chandler Tempe Scottsdale Ahwatukee Phoenix

Jesse French Live - Waiting for that Day

"Relapse", by Lauren Shaye

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