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Gilbert Singing Lessons 

Located just off of Elliot between Val Vista and Greenfield in Gilbert, AZ. Sara Setzer is the leading vocal training instructor in the Gilbert and East Valley Area. With over 10 years experience in vocal instruction Sara knows how to bring the best out of her students. Working with ages 4 and up you will learn the secrets that every professional knows.


You CAN improve your performance AND be in control of your voice!


  • Make singing effortless, while learning projection and building stamina.

  • Suitable for all styles of singing from Classical to Rock / Pop, Jazz/ Blues, Gospel and Musical Theater.

  • Connect the voice from bottom to top, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Balance the tone throughout your range.

  • Increase range and flexibility.

  • Develop a stronger sound without straining, pulling or causing your larynx to hike up.

  • Correct unwanted breaks/flips or pulling.

  • Perfect your style.

  • Learn stage presence.

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