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Our lessons specialize in the Speech Level Singing (SLS) technique! Take control of your voice with methodical and ongoing voice lessons. Learning this innovative method will assist you to unleash the concealed potential of your voice, providing you the freedom to sing anything you want, and the way you want. 


Learn the methods utilized by Tony Winners, Grammy Winners, Broadway and Opera Stars, American Idol finalists and winners, and Metropolitan Opera National Audition Winners. Professional Actors and Academy Award Winners have also utilized SLS to empower them in their speech and perfect their vocal presence.


The Speech Level Singing technique can be adapted to any kind of music, so you can sing your favorite style, while learning good method. Whether you're just starting vocal training, or you're a professional vocalist, East Valley Voice will assist you to reach your goals for your voice.


Vocal Coach Sara Setzer provides professional voice lessons for singers looking to take their voices to the next level. Whether you're looking to expand your range, develop your own style, or discover vocal freedom, singing lessons with Sara will help you get the results you're looking for. No matter what you're looking to accomplish, I promise to help you get there. 


You CAN improve your performance AND be in control of your voice!


  • Make singing effortless, while learning projection and building stamina.

  • Suitable for all styles of singing from Classical to Rock/Pop, Jazz/Blues, Gospel and Musical Theater.

  • Connect the voice from bottom to top, ensuring a smooth transition.

  •  Balance the tone throughout your range.

  • Increase range and flexibility.

  • Develop a stronger sound without straining, pulling or causing your larynx to hike up.

  • Correct unwanted breaks/flips or pulling.

  • Perfect your style.

  • Learn stage presence.

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Hope For Children Competition winner Anna Collins with Voice Coach Sara Setzer.

(602) 320-2708

You will spend the first half of your lesson vocalizing (running through the exercises). The second half of your lesson will be spent singing. Each lesson is tailored to your needs and your goals. Lessons can vary depending on if you're trying out for choir, X Factor, American Idol, a band, etc. I will cater the lesson to your needs. Each lesson is recorded so you can practice on your own time. Skype is available as an alternative to in-studio upon request. 

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